Tobias Schaffner

Politics and the Power of Love

There is a widely shared consensus in Western culture that the goods of love and friendship are highly personal goods; they belong to the intimate sphere of one’s private life. As goods reserved to the private realm, it seems natural that governments, legislators, and judges never appeal to them. Political rule can appeal to values such as freedom, justice, and peace, but not to love. (Read more)

Virtuous People Unite!

The crisis through which the Western world is currently passing is misleadingly spoken of as “a financial crisis”. We are first and foremost in a moral and cultural crisis. The misleading characterisation of the current situation as an economic or financial crisis prevents us from identifying the right remedies to overcome it. We do not just need new institutional mechanisms — these affect only the symptoms of the crisis. We also need to tackle the root cause of the crisis: the lack of belief in ethical principles and the lack of the qualities of character or virtue that allow us to act upon these principles. (Read more)