Sarang Shah

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

I found myself on a greyhound bus driving through Kansas. I was on a trip across the USA, from Georgia to California, and everything and everyone in my life were far away. Following years of wandering, I was attempting to start over again. After a rough night trying to sleep on metallic benches under the fluorescent lights of a Kansas City, Missouri, bus station, I was awakened that morning in Kansas by a warm sensation across my chest. It was the rays of the rising sun at 6am, reflecting off fields of wheat so gold and endless undulating on either side of me. In that ethereal barely conscious state, I realized that the art of the possible was not about how we could achieve some end goal, but about the pursuit of the humanity within each waking moment of the journey that fills the gap between birth and death. (Read more)

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

In the second issue of Distilled, we explored the debate between the organizing principles of individualism versus collectivism in the areas of politics, economics, and culture. We had a lively debate about these principles that took us from labour unions in the US and Canada, EU obstinacy in landlocked Switzerland, patchwork communities in the UAE, Maoist rebels in India, and finally, to China where it seems the Chinese are trying to have both. (Read more)

The Ascent of Technocracy

Washington is on fire. Potomac parlours and palaces are ablaze with talk of the impending destruction of civility and credit ratings. (Read more)

Letter from the Editors

We’re facing a global crisis in confidence. That was the conclusion of the first issue of Distilled Magazine. In it, our contributors gave their views on where, why, and how this feeling of unease influences the people’s lives. Some wrote about the consequences of this crisis while others of the way to restore our belief in the future. But what exactly do we do now? That’s why this second issue of Distilled Magazine wants to pick up the debate where we last left off. (Read more)

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Telling the story of who we are and where we are going is daunting. “Current affairs”, with its ever-expanding cast and byzantine networks of relationships, is the longest-running, most difficult soap opera to describe. (Read more)