Gregory Gillette

Closing the Faith

Akko is a town in Northern Israel that besides being the holiest city in the Baha’i religion is relatively unimportant in the modern world. In 1291 however, Acre, as it was called, became the last bastion of Christianity in the Holy Land, before it fell to the Sultan’s forces after siege and bloody invasion. It was here that Christianity gathered its forces for the strongest stand that could be mustered against the changing world around it. (Read more)

Of Hornets and Honeybees

In under a minute the Asian hornet can decapitate over 40 helpless victims. It does so with skull-crushing mandibles so powerful it need not even resort to its lethal stinger, capable of killing humans with a potent neurotoxin. This creature, a triumph of evolutionary perfection when taking on enemy hordes could easily be described as the spartan of the animal kingdom. For creationists, this must be proof God has a sadistic side. (Read more)