George Bickers

The Transhumanist Pendulum

Josh Trank and Matt Landis’ 2012 film Chronicle confronts an audience with what is ostensibly newly broken ground in the superhero genre. But even slightly scrape this outer facade and what one begins to see is a detailed - yet unvocalised - discussion on the ethical and moral standpoints occupied by trans-human characters within a definitively human social structure. (Read more)

Becoming Superheroes, the Race to Post-humanism

Images of post-humans permeate every aspect of both popular and high culture. They can be seen in anything from children’s television show to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Even stage magicians appropriate post-human fronts. With such huge levels of exposure across a broad range of culture, we as a society must crave ever more of the post-human. But why? And is the race towards collective post- humanism an important goal that we should actively pursue? (Read more)

Culture and Social Responsibility

Tristan Tzara, the great Dadaist, once stated that “People envisage the (ever-impending) annihilation of art. Here they are looking for a more art-like art.”  This simple statement focuses our attention on not only what one considers “art”, but also its purpose within our society. (Read more)