David Dessin

When God Still Had Street Cred

More than a few people will, when asked about the origin of their morality, answer with “God”. When asked who this god is, they will usually describe a fatherly god, kind and gentle, who was very necessary and present at some point in history, but now only plays the role of a transcendent and inaccessible guarantee of human morality. Perhaps he even is an aesthetic x-factor of nature, but most importantly someone who speaks only to the heart: in other words the almost crossed-out God of modern metaphysics, the no longer necessary hypothesis. This is the modern image of God. The worst thing about it is that most people don’t realize that there are alternatives. (Read more)

Confusions of Young Anonymous

We are no longer the post-ideological generation; we are now the generation at the heart of the fight-back.” Remember these words?  After young Barnaby Raine cried them out at the Coalition of Resistance Conference in 2010, they quickly started to lead their own life on YouTube and the Internet.  Columnists referred to them; journalists quoted them, they were mentioned in speeches and discussed in debates.  Politicians applauded this herald of a new generation, cheered at the very idea that youngsters would finally become critical thinkers, begin to question, and fight the challenges of this world. (Read more)