Brecht Savelkoul

Terrorism as Performance Art

It definitely wasn’t the most diplomatic thing to say on 16 September 2001. On that day Karlheinz Stockhausen went from being a modern classical composer of enormous stature, an early pioneer of electronic music, to an intellectual pariah. From that point until his death in 2007, his monumental career was eclipsed by a single quote about the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Tact aside though, this controversial quote remains the most interesting, challenging, and indeed instructive analysis of the events to date. According to Stockhausen, the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that week were “the greatest work of art that ever existed”. (Read more)

Letter from the Editors

We’re facing a global crisis in confidence. That was the conclusion of the first issue of Distilled Magazine. In it, our contributors gave their views on where, why, and how this feeling of unease influences the people’s lives. Some wrote about the consequences of this crisis while others of the way to restore our belief in the future. But what exactly do we do now? That’s why this second issue of Distilled Magazine wants to pick up the debate where we last left off. (Read more)

Two Ways to Rule Them All

What killed Siegfried? And who saved Frodo? And most of all, should we even care anyway? (Read more)